Are you familiar with social entrepreneurship and Rebel Circle? Don’t worry if your answer is no. Social entrepreneurship is about doing business with the goal of creating a positive impact on the world, by solving a social problem. We are an organisation that focus on creating unique opportunities to improve lives by creating more work for all the social classes. Click here to see what we do.

Oh by the way my name is Kyra the wise fox, I’m the ambassador of Rebel Circle. My task is to guide you on our webpage, to inform you about the activities and to answer all of your questions. If you’re looking for more information about entrepreneurship to start a social enterprise too, then you should take a look on Shinobi Kyra. It’s my personal enterprise where you can get free tips and tricks. Click here to go to Shinobi Kyra.


Our mission is to inspire and motivate people to create unique opportunities to improve life.

Michael Nguyen

Our Projects

Rebel Circle is a social enterprise that focus on creating unique opportunities to improve lives, by creating more work opportunities for all the social classes. We achieve this by supporting and starting various projects. Take a look at our projects beneath.

Shinobi Kyra

About Us

About Us
Rebel Circle is the organization that inspires and encourages the community from all classes to help each other, to stand up for each other to help them achieve a better life by supporting and launching various projects. Although each project and each group of Rebel Circle is different, our purpose remains the same. That is to motivate people to contribute to this goal. With the belief in a more involved society where everyone gets a chance for a better life, Michael Nguyen started Rebel Circle. Do you feel curious about our projects? Check them out!

Our Mission and Vision (Our Goal)
Our mission: To inspire and motivate people to create unique opportunities to improve lives.
Our vision: To inspire more than twenty eight thousand people to become rebels before 2024.

Who are we helping (Our People)
We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to improve his or her life. Unfortunately, not all of them get this luck. We want to help everyone by getting this opportunity. With our products and services we want to help people. Furthermore, our gained profit will be used to help people who cannot afford our products and services. This creates a cyclus. This will create opportunities for everyone!

Why are we helping (Our Reasons)
The main reason is to get opportunities in life. Unfortunately, not everyone gets those. Out of this awareness arose our mission and the way we operate. Because we do not accept the fact that not everyone gets a chance to improve his or her life, we stand up. Do you also share our vision? Together we are stronger! You can now sign yourself up at Rebel circle to become an ambassador. Help us to improve lives!

‘United we stand, divided we fall’

Where are we going (The Road)
We are currently operating from The Netherlands, but our goal is to expand the operation to a larger scale in Western Europe. When we have a stable foundation, we will enlarge our vision to Asia and Latin America. We will help people all over the world to improve their life. We start small, dream big and know that we can achieve this together.

Become an ambassador today who will stand for a vision like a rebel!

‘Every small step in the right direction counts’

How can you help (Team Up)
There are various ways for you. You can make donation through purchasing our products or services. Another way is to be creative. So you can give people opportunities. We have created a special program for those who want to help with this goal immediately! Are you this person? Click here..

Together we stand strong and only together we are able to create a better world.

What Rebel Circle represents: (The Road)
Rebel Circle is not just a name but a meaningful name. “Rebel” stands for the individual who thinks different and beliefs in the mission “creating unique opportunities to improve human life”. “Circle” represents a connection as a group with all the rebels around the world to make our vision and mission become reality.

Michael Nguyen

Founder of Rebel Circle


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