Welcome Rebel
Congratulation for reaching this point. It means that you have come further, than most of the people, who have visited the website and survived all the formal language use. It’s time to drop the formality and to talk to each other as human to human. I’m going to tell you the secret and details behind Rebel Circle as a present, for coming so far.
Explanation of our kamon
A kamon is an emblem used to decorate and identify an individual, a family, or an institution or business entity. Our kamon looks like a flame at the first sight, but it exists in three parts.

Our kamon consists of three parts; the burning pearl, ring of fire and lake of life. These three parts in combination with the four cornerstones(integrity, transparency, loyalty and familiarity) are the foundation of the business. A business without a strong foundation is doomed to failure.

Become a Rebel
The fun start here! This is where you can make a difference! Our way to change the world is through creating different projects that helps different groups of people. We have learned in life that a big business, a powerful network or a lot of money is required to make a change. Our answer for this is Rebel Circle and we will take care of all of those things, but don’t forget where we stands for!

Rebels are those individuals who think and act different that the mainstream, because we all possess the Moeru Shinju No Ishi ‘the burning desire to help others’ inside us. We are here to form a circle, a bridge, a connection with all the rebels around the world to make our common goal come true. Start today with becoming a rebel and join our circle, by spreading the word about Rebel Circle. Share our website and ideals with friends and family. It would surprise you to see who are rebels too!